I Hate Florida, Part I

January 13, 2007 at 4:56 pm 1 comment

So, Ed and I arrive (late) to the airport for our 3:30 Saturday flight to PHX and debated if we should maybe just pony up the $$ to park in short term. Nah, let’s live on the edge, we decided and try to find a place in long term parking…Pulling in, an open spot was readily available! Unreal!! So we parked and hurried inside with time to spare. Upon boarding the plane, we heard the Buckeye Battle Cry playing over the aircrafts loudspeaker. Cries of OH…IO were coming from the left and right sides of the plane. Who was louder? O-H…the right? or I-O…the left? Who knew! But it was glorious to see the few Gator fans shrink into their seats. Shrink farther, SEC scum!, I thought. Heh, heh, heh

The plane took off and Ed fell immediately asleep. When the flight attendant came by for drink orders, I ordered a bloody mary, but explained that my drink tickets were overhead and my boyfriend was asleep. She said we’d settle up later. Later never came. I must have had 5 bloodies and when Ed woke up he must have had 2 – 3 Crown on the rocks. FOR FREE! Heh, heh, heh…What a great trip so far!

Once at the PHX airport, we hopped right into our fun little rental car and made our way to the Ritz Carlton in Central Phoenix. As we were checking in, the lobby was filled with Buckeye fans…I knew this was gonna be great! Sadly, our room, despite having a mountain view, had 2 double beds. Ed asked if there was an open room with a king size bed. Nope, just one on the club level. That would be a $70 up-charge, sir. Hm. No thanks. Ed asked if he might speak with the manager. The manager came over and Ed explained the situation and pointed out that the club level room was open for all nights of our stay and it was 8p on a Saturday night…but we weren’t really turned on by the up-charge. The manager said we could have the Club Level room at no charge! SWEEEEEEET!

Up up up we went to the Club Level…Hello Mr. Richardson, Ms. Nash, said our person concierge, who greeted us with bottled water when the elevator doors opened. Would you like a cocktail? Please help yourself to our liquor cabinet. WHAT?! This is too good to be true!!! We go to our beautifully appointed room and proceed to jump on the bed with glee. Back out to the club level lounge, we enjoyed a drink and some chocolate covered strawberries and asked the concierge to call a cab for us, as we would be heading to the Salty Senorita in Scottsdale to meet up with some friends. She obliged and we went down in the elevator. In the lobby, the doorman opened the doors, Good evening Mr. Richardson, Ms. Nash, your car is here. A FAT TOWN CAR!!! We meet up with Jessica and her husband Steven (not sure of spelling) for an evening of margarita swilling and general OSU love festing. The town car was at our beck and call, so, he picked us up at I don’t know what time. I then passed out in bliss….I love Phoenix, I love margaritas, I love the Ritz Carlton, I love the Buckeyes!

Waking up was kinda rude…where was that Mexican cat that pissed in my mouth?! Ed went out to have a smoke, but when he came back, OH MY! He brought with him plates of smoked salmon and capers, yogurt, Danish, granola!!! Free food from the Club Level lounge!! Too good to be true! We laid around for a little bit, as I tried to rehydrate. It had to be noon before I got dressed and ready to go. As we headed towards the elevator, the Club Level lounge had been changed over to lunch. LUNCH?! Fresh mozzarella sandwiches, tenderloin sandwiches, green salad, seafood salad, potato salad, fresh fruit and all the champagne and wine a person could drink. Did we have to leave the hotel?! After eating our fill, we drove to Old Town Scottsdale for an OSU alumni party…and what a party it was….

…to be continued…


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I Hate Florida, Part II

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