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Now what?

From blog to mob to frop – WOM is going nuts. Like that new Dove commercial that was launched @ the Oscars. I would have liked to see that launched without the splashy Oscar plug.

Anyway, back to mob, or moblogging…is that not redundant? Ok, so Mob is blogging from a mobile device…incidentally,the first post to the web from a mobile user was from Steve Mann in 1995. He used a wearable computer (like a bag phone – LOL), a more elaborate predecessor to modern Moblogging devices (like a blackberry). But I mean, I still think the term and its offshoot, movlogging, are redundant.

And then frop…frop frop frop. What the hell is frop? I’ve read mention of it TWICE and can’t find any definition. Considering I work for a healthcare IT giant, I doubt I’ll come across it this century…anyone want to weigh in?? Please?

Please don’t tell me it is this


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The funniest thing about this poorly lit video is how Frank was singing along as I was playing it back on my laptop – kind of answering his song on the clip. Even though I am forced to prompt Frank, this is still pretty HI-larious. To me.

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Fox News: We Decide, You Concur

We decide, you concur.

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Fun Fest

Whew! What a day yesterday was!! I had gotten up early to work on some stuff for work, so when lunch time rolled around I was ready to have some FUN. My buddy, Justin, was in town from Chicago with his younger brother, Seth, so I met them out at Sportman’s Grill so I could eat lunch…and enjoy the bloody mary bar. I do lurve me a bloody mary bar…

After a few jokes, some fish and chips, and random catching up, I thought we might want to do something. Country Music Hall of Fame? No. Frist Center? No. Bowling? Big yes. Ok, I have not gone bowling in, hm, 10 years or more…why this struck the Gernot brothers as the perfect thing to do in Nashville is beyond me. But off we went to Pla-More Lanes near my work. Awesome, I was wearing boots…so when I put on the rental shoes I had super groovy white tube socks sticking out. Sweet. Picks to follow – my camera needed recharging and I didn’t take any photos during our bowling adventure, but Justizzle did.

Justin and Seth are good Ohioans…and that means they are killer bowlers. I am not so good. Seth was killin’ it with easily over 130 every game…me, after three games I think I might have totalled just a smidge more than that! 😀 Hilarious. I started bowling with a 13 pound ball…so after just a few frames my arm was exhausted! When I switched to a much lighter ball it FLEW down the lane – I might as well have thrown it overhand. Poor lane got a work out. HA HA HA! As we were packing up to leave, I got a text from another friend, Mason. They wanted to meet up at Yazoo Brewery. SWEET! So we bopped over there, or tried.

I’d never gone to the Yazoo tap room, so I wasn’t really sure where it was located. I called 411, but Yazoo never picked up the phone. We stopped at Judge Beans BBQ for directions, no one there knew…We finally pulled up a laaaaaaaaaame map on Justin’s blackberry and finally found the place. Yummo! Yazoo makes a mean Hefeweisen, but I really lurve their rye hefe called “Roggen”. Should have gotten a growler.

Couple of pints later, Justin and Seth go to meet up with a mutual friend of ours and I head out to Robert’s with Mason and his wife Jen. Mason wanted to grab a cab, so we park back at Judge Bean’s and call one. We waited for AN HOUR. Unfortch, the Detroit Redwings were in town playing the Preds, and it was raining, so there were no cabs to be had. Mason finally flagged down some dude from Oklahoma who offered us a ride the 6 blocks to Roberts. Niiiiiiiice. Hitching. But before we left, I snapped this picture of AutoVaughn doing a sound check across the street at 12th & Porter. Check 1, 2, 1, 2.

Mason, Jen and I hang out at Robert’s, but then I left to head back to 12th & Porter for the AutoVaughn gig. It was pouring rain, the Preds game had just let out and downtown was packed! I couldn’t get a cab to save my life! So, for some stupid reason, I decided to hoof it. MORON. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Luckily, Ed, Evan, Vecci and…the surprise guest of the evening, MITCH, happened past on their way to 12th & Porter. WOOT! Gimme a ride, boys!

We finally made it, parked and went in. I love this venue and the band didn’t disappoint. I didn’t catch the opening acts (like I ever do… 😀 ), but AutoVaughn totally rocked. Check my vid – I hope it isn’t too tinny. The only bummer was this: I forgot my earplugs. Boo. Oh well! Great day, great show!

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Final Landing With A Golden Parachute

Golden Parachute

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I Don’t Give a Puck about Hockey

So I went to my second ever Nashville Predators match last night – versus the Montreal Canadiens. I didn’t know this but the Preds are #1 in North America right now – but I went for $2 beer night. 🙂

We met out at Rippy’s Smokin’ Bar and Grill for a little BBQ din-din to enjoy the weather and the lower-Broadway sights and sounds before the game – which I love to do. It was a little chilly to really enjoy our rooftop seats, but it was fun. THRONGS of people were pouring into the arena, so I suspected this was a pretty good match-up. Whatevs – I mean, I don’t even know the rules of hockey so I was really more in to this for the opportunity to go out after a week in quarantine. Oh, and did I mention $2 beer night?

We enjoyed our BBQ and made it to the game in the middle of the first period (I just learned that last night!). Grabbed our beer ration and hit our seats. I also learned that whilst the puck is in play you are supposed to freeze – no one in, no one out of the seating area. What? That is pure bullshizz. If you are so cheap that you buy the rafter seats, don’t bitch at me for the following (not a definitive list): coming in late, getting up to use the restroom, getting up to get more beer, coming in and/or out whilst the puck is in play. We bought cheap tickets because we don’t give a damn and just wanted to be out and about. Some people buy cheap tickets because they are cheap and don’t realize they are getting what that paid for.

I also learned a lot. When regulation play starts, it is not called a “tip off”, “kick off”, or “puck off” – it is called a “face off“. Who knew? That is not intuitive. Also, these fans are for real! Not like Tennessee Titans fans. But, more than once I yelled “Go Buckeyes” on accident – or out of habit. It feels strange to say anything other than that.

Anyway, by the standards set forth by people in my party, this was a very good game (or is it match?). The Preds were up the entire game until the last few seconds when the Canadiens scored on Vocoun (who depending on who you ask is either a God or a complete loser), so the game ended all tied up 5 – 5. Then something exciting happened – I was told that when the Preds score 5 goals the fans get free tacos! YAY! TACOS! But then I found out we actually had to go to Taco Bell to get them. Boo. So when a game ends with a tie score there is like 5 minutes of play and then a shoot out and then – if still tied – sudden death. Well, the Preds lost in the shoot out. Oh well. I still won – fun times, $2 beers, an allegedly free taco minus the cost of gasoline, and an excuse to go HONKY TONKIN‘!

I really love going out downtown! So we went for some post-game food, drink and live tunes at Robert’s Western World. One of my all time faves in Nashville! A little dance and a few more laughs and Cinderella had to get home before the stroke of midnight! The best news is: one of my very best friends in the world is coming to town tonight so I get to go out downtown AGAIN!! WOOT!!

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My Job Makes Me Feel Like:


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