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February 19, 2007 at 9:17 am Leave a comment

I am ever interested in co-marketing activities, leveraging the power of one brand to bolster another, making the total greater than the sum of its parts. Kind of like Beckham and Posh. A great new example is a down-home mixture of Harlequin Romance novels and NASCAR. Yes, it does sound like a Wilson County Fair homerun. In this article, I learned that NASCAR and Harlequin have teamed up for a 16-book series, including multi-channel merchandising not only at the usual bookstores, but also at actual NASCAR races and at WHAT?

I think it would be interesting to explore the demographics and psychographics that lead to this pairing. Depending on which source I cite, women make up 40% of all NASCAR fans. I would like to do a cross reference with the age category…but I can’t seem to find the right data. Anyway, NASCAR fans are some of the most rabid out there. Many big consumer brands fight for their attention (nb: see the dang cars, y’all) and I wonder if this pairing doesn’t open Harlequin up for additional compensation for key product placement!!

According to Bill Elliot, NASCAR is the number one sport in terms of consumer product brand loyalty. An astounding 72% of NASCAR fans buy sponsor products, dwarfing the average 34% of all other sports! Additionally, the average NASCAR fan is well educated, has an income of $45,000 and has an average age of 36. Does that make them more likely to read a romance novel? Well, if almost 3/4 of (let’s assume female) fans buy sponsored products – it would seem that if they typically didn’t read Harlequin, they might be tempted with this subject matter.

I’ll admit, I am being one-sided…I just can’t fathom an avid reader of Harlequin being turned on to NASCAR because of these books. But I am open to discussion on this point. Either way, Harlequin just bet on an almost guaranteed trip to the winner’s circle.


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