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Did I Call It?

Yes, yes I did. On February 18, I just knew in my bones this would happen: Ohio State and University of Florida (Floretards) meet again in a National Championship bout, but this time for basketball. Can you believe it? What are the freakin odds???


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Aged Beefcake

Aged beef past its prime was on the menu tonight at Ruth’s Chris in Nashville. If you recall, the last time I ate there was Valentine’s Day….that is the longest I’ve gone between visits and my waitress noticed. Anyhoo, with my New York trip, there are only so many weekends in a month. I digress…

Tonight, aged beefcake was on the menu…I sat next to one of the Nelson twins, of the group Nelson (you know, the twin sons of Ricky Nelson) and across the bar from Nick Lachey. Which is so ironic because I was just making some jokes about the midwest and Ohio in particular when Ed starts cracking up. I thought I was just particularly funny. No such ‘luchey’. Ed was laughing at the irony of the poster boy for Ohio (or maybe just Cincinnasty) walking by as I was cracking a joke. Either way, whatevs.

Please note, it is VERY un-Nashville to gawk and get star struck so of course I took no pictures. I mean, I didn’t take pics last week when I sat next to Jeff Fisher (Titan’s head coach) when we got our hairs cut, or of Demetria Kalademos (local news anchor) when we were buying techie crap, or of Eddie George (who actually I’ve met on several different occasions, even while we were both @ OSU) when I saw him out and about.

At any rate, it made for a hilarious dessert course. Nick Lachey. LOLz….ps: in case you are wondering Vanessa Manilla-envelope was not with him.

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Ex-queeze Me?

Random: someone found this blog today by searching “Bang My Throat”. What?

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Bringing Frenchie Back

Anyone who knows me well is very aware that 90% of my stories start off with: “One time, in France…” So, yeah, I lived there for quite some time and I am every bit the Francophile. And as such, have taken some lumps over the years due to the American way: complete and utter refusal to dare to like the French. Perhaps to do so might project: 1) an obscure approval of socialism, 2) intellectual snobbery, 3) good taste, or 4) healthy understanding of the “au contraire” – none of which are regular flavors on an American palate.

Many Americans propagate stereotypes of the French that were developed during WWI, you know, the very early XXth century, when most of Europe was at war…tough times. To say the French don’t bathe, well, frankly, I’ve met plenty of Americans who don’t either. It is just an ignorant thing to say. Another thing I love to rant about is the rampant Northeast Superiority Complex (NESC)…like NO ONE ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE (outside of New England) can release glutamate at a synapse that binds to NMDA receptors on the surface of the “listening” neuron (read: think). So you can imagine my reaction to this perfect storm of NESC and pure bigotry towards the French…

Basically, this douche from Boston says:

β€œYes, the French may be many things β€” arrogant, supercilious, self-righteous. They may use too much cream in their cooking, not bathe frequently enough, and insist on their narcissistic notion that, Civilization β€” il est France. But on Iraq, they were right. Pure and simple.”

Ok, by even saying any of that, he not only shows terminal signs of NESC, but also illustrates just how self-righteous he is. Hilarious. Hypocrites are like vampires, they can never see themselves in the mirror, how hideous they are. I am pretty sure that if we asked Wiktionary it would say that is racism. I mean, if Ted Reinstein got on the news and said that Mexicans do not bathe frequently and use too much spice in their cooking YOU KNOW latino organizations would be on him like white on rice and he could say Adios! to his paycheck.

So I am on a personal quest to do like Mr. Timberlake and bring the Frenchie back…

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Jaxtr redux

Well, I’ve had jaxtr up here on my blog and on my MySpace for like 2 weeks. Total calls = ZERO. So clearly, no one is very interested in speaking with me. LOLz. But also, sad. Actually, many of my close friends can be classified as “late adopters” and 98% are in the US, so I am not surprized that they have yet to attempt to use this cool widget.

So, in case I was remiss (probably) in explaining what exactly Jaxtr is, I’ll do so now…Jaxtr is a web based service that allows people to call you or leave a Jaxtr voice mail message for you from their phone, but facilitated by the web. The phone numbers of all parties are hidden (if it is so desired) which was one of my top concerns, and is probably top 2 for most people.

The options for incoming calls are TWO. Survey says: send all calls to voice mail or send all calls to my phone. There is the fun option of “Privacy Shield” which sends all calls to Jaxtr voice mail until I “allow” those callers. Once I give a caller “allowed ” status, they will be routed directly to my phone. Callers can also be marked as “blocked” and no further calls will be received from them. So, if you all turn out to be jerks, I’ll block yo’ ass. I mean, you know, should anyone decide to call me. Sometime. Soon please. Let me test it at least guys. Whatever. Haters.

Seriously though, I have “Privacy Sheild” set to “on” so you will go directly into my voice mail. Once you call and leave a voice mail, Jaxtr provides you with a number (not my actual number) that you can use to call me anytime. The interface is super intuitive and this works really well – I did test call myself. I left a VM and then received an email alerting me of a new message. COOL!

I can see a potential downside when it comes to kids using this on MySpace and Facebook…this services uses real mobile phone minutes, so kids…be aware…talking using Jaxtr does count towards mintues in your mobile plan. Mom and Dad will NOT lurve $500 celly bill cuz you are chatting up Francois in Gay Paree…

I’ll let you know more when this gets used. AND IT SHOULD since work has now blocked my Skype. Grrr.

Also, please note…the CEO commented on my first post about Jaxtr! WOOT!

Also, note this one other thing…Touraj is now a friend on MySpace…go on and say “HI”

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[Old Folks On Parade]

Sorry you all, I have been slammed at work and Boot is living up to its name, as in Das Boot up my arse. UGH! Went to see Bang Bang Bang on Friday night and that was rockin’. We might have been the oldest people there, even among those hidden in the balcony away from the fray, but it was wild. As the Designated Driver, I was happy slammin’ water, even if the 19 year old bartender frowned every time I walked up to the bar. Hilarious. Brat. So, to further my quest for ultimate squaredom, I asked her for change from my $1 bill to buy ear plugs from the vending machine.

Not only was I completely out of touch on the beverage front, I clearly was out of touch on the music front. The first opening band, The Secret, was TERRIBLE. It was not rock and roll, it was crap. Sorry, gang – you blow. The best thing about this band was the tubby guitar player sporting the super-tight cigarette jeans. LOLz! Made my night! Seriously, the set was like 7 songs too long.

The next band, unbeknownst to me, has generated a TON of industry buzz. Cage the Elephant, out of BLOWING Green, I mean, Bowling Green, KY, seems to be pretty hot $hite. I didn’t particularly love them, but the front man boy (I swear he is not old enough to shave) was quite charismatic. Kind of Mick Jagger meets Axl Rose. So, in O-Town math where “Y” is zero:

(Mick + Axl + noise) x (Y)beers = irritating^9.

The song Ain’t No Rest was very good, but the cut on myspace is lame. So, hopefully they’ll change that for a single. At the end of the set, the guitarist (as seen on my flickr) stage dives in the the crowd of 15. He ‘surfs’ around for a sec and upon landing stands up and pukes his guts out! LOLOLOL! Like 4 times!! And no one cleaned it up! I swear, it was the huge-est puddle of ick I’ve seen in a long time. Later on that night, I saw him ordering more beers from the bar! Thanks, dude, I am still laughing! Way to boot and rally!

Bang Bang Bang was really good and the Dazed and Confused look is obviously back in, but by the time they went on at midnight I was wiped. So wiped in fact, I didn’t even make it to see Cold War Kids on Saturday. Boo. Lame.

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A Little Too Neighborly

This (aka Wynonna Judd’s husband) guy’s mom has her beauty salon next to my dad’s store. Ew. Another stellar escapee from Mansfield, Ohio. Cool. OMG – I remember when they were getting married, his mom would come into the store and just gush and gush and gush about him. Clearly he is awesome. Gross. I am so telling on him.

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