“One time…in France…”

March 7, 2007 at 9:23 pm Leave a comment

This was just published (on my birthday!!) on one of my favorite websites. Healthcare administration is costly…I should know pretty well working at a healthcare IT company. This blurb is so true!

U.S. healthcare currently costs about $2 trillion per year. Of this, more than $600 billion (31 percent) is never seen by recipients. It goes for administration. On a per capita basis, it is roughly $280 billion more than is spent for administration in the other twenty-one countries whose life expectancies exceed those in the U.S., all of whom have some form of taxpayer-financed, single-payer system, the kind that used to be referred to by detractors as “socialized medicine.” Worse yet, the current system leaves more than 40 million Americans without health insurance. Because many are not employed or have very low incomes, programs that provide incentives through employers and tax relief don’t help them.

When I was living in France, I enjoyed the ‘single payer’ system. I do believe that as Americans we are being held hostage to health insurance companies, health care systems and even drug companies who by their very nature must oppose a single payer system. How can the value of the economies and efficiencies of a national program be heard above the static of all the parties interested in the pork barrel that is healthcare marketplace in the US?


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