Athlete, Thy Name Ain’t O-Town

March 21, 2007 at 1:53 pm Leave a comment

Day #3 of the Boot couldn’t have been harder. My little chicken wings are all sore, my legs feel like lead, and I am tired. Boo-hoo, spoiled girl, working out daily with trainer, you must be saying. Sure, sure, I asked for this, but I don’t think it will turn me into an athlete. But perhaps a more athletic me would be a welcome change. 🙂
In the past 72 hours I have ingested over a pound of asparagus, a large bag of baby spinach, 1 whole green pepper, 2 nasty protein smoothies, loads of cottage cheese, 1 cantaloupe, 14 liters of water and a ton of other stuff I don’t feel like listing, it is exhausting. I’ll put my week end totals on the Boot page. But! Heart burn is gonzo! LOVES IT!
I wonder how badly this weekend’s crawfish boil will derail my best efforts this week…To be continued…


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Ballin’ In First Class M.I.A.

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