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[Old Folks On Parade]

Sorry you all, I have been slammed at work and Boot is living up to its name, as in Das Boot up my arse. UGH! Went to see Bang Bang Bang on Friday night and that was rockin’. We might have been the oldest people there, even among those hidden in the balcony away from the fray, but it was wild. As the Designated Driver, I was happy slammin’ water, even if the 19 year old bartender frowned every time I walked up to the bar. Hilarious. Brat. So, to further my quest for ultimate squaredom, I asked her for change from my $1 bill to buy ear plugs from the vending machine.

Not only was I completely out of touch on the beverage front, I clearly was out of touch on the music front. The first opening band, The Secret, was TERRIBLE. It was not rock and roll, it was crap. Sorry, gang – you blow. The best thing about this band was the tubby guitar player sporting the super-tight cigarette jeans. LOLz! Made my night! Seriously, the set was like 7 songs too long.

The next band, unbeknownst to me, has generated a TON of industry buzz. Cage the Elephant, out of BLOWING Green, I mean, Bowling Green, KY, seems to be pretty hot $hite. I didn’t particularly love them, but the front man boy (I swear he is not old enough to shave) was quite charismatic. Kind of Mick Jagger meets Axl Rose. So, in O-Town math where “Y” is zero:

(Mick + Axl + noise) x (Y)beers = irritating^9.

The song Ain’t No Rest was very good, but the cut on myspace is lame. So, hopefully they’ll change that for a single. At the end of the set, the guitarist (as seen on my flickr) stage dives in the the crowd of 15. He ‘surfs’ around for a sec and upon landing stands up and pukes his guts out! LOLOLOL! Like 4 times!! And no one cleaned it up! I swear, it was the huge-est puddle of ick I’ve seen in a long time. Later on that night, I saw him ordering more beers from the bar! Thanks, dude, I am still laughing! Way to boot and rally!

Bang Bang Bang was really good and the Dazed and Confused look is obviously back in, but by the time they went on at midnight I was wiped. So wiped in fact, I didn’t even make it to see Cold War Kids on Saturday. Boo. Lame.


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