Bringing Frenchie Back

March 28, 2007 at 3:23 pm Leave a comment

Anyone who knows me well is very aware that 90% of my stories start off with: “One time, in France…” So, yeah, I lived there for quite some time and I am every bit the Francophile. And as such, have taken some lumps over the years due to the American way: complete and utter refusal to dare to like the French. Perhaps to do so might project: 1) an obscure approval of socialism, 2) intellectual snobbery, 3) good taste, or 4) healthy understanding of the “au contraire” – none of which are regular flavors on an American palate.

Many Americans propagate stereotypes of the French that were developed during WWI, you know, the very early XXth century, when most of Europe was at war…tough times. To say the French don’t bathe, well, frankly, I’ve met plenty of Americans who don’t either. It is just an ignorant thing to say. Another thing I love to rant about is the rampant Northeast Superiority Complex (NESC)…like NO ONE ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE (outside of New England) can release glutamate at a synapse that binds to NMDA receptors on the surface of the “listening” neuron (read: think). So you can imagine my reaction to this perfect storm of NESC and pure bigotry towards the French…

Basically, this douche from Boston says:

“Yes, the French may be many things — arrogant, supercilious, self-righteous. They may use too much cream in their cooking, not bathe frequently enough, and insist on their narcissistic notion that, Civilization — il est France. But on Iraq, they were right. Pure and simple.”

Ok, by even saying any of that, he not only shows terminal signs of NESC, but also illustrates just how self-righteous he is. Hilarious. Hypocrites are like vampires, they can never see themselves in the mirror, how hideous they are. I am pretty sure that if we asked Wiktionary it would say that is racism. I mean, if Ted Reinstein got on the news and said that Mexicans do not bathe frequently and use too much spice in their cooking YOU KNOW latino organizations would be on him like white on rice and he could say Adios! to his paycheck.

So I am on a personal quest to do like Mr. Timberlake and bring the Frenchie back…


Entry filed under: Frenchie, hilarity, rants, travels.

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