Jaxtr redux

March 28, 2007 at 12:40 pm Leave a comment

Well, I’ve had jaxtr up here on my blog and on my MySpace for like 2 weeks. Total calls = ZERO. So clearly, no one is very interested in speaking with me. LOLz. But also, sad. Actually, many of my close friends can be classified as “late adopters” and 98% are in the US, so I am not surprized that they have yet to attempt to use this cool widget.

So, in case I was remiss (probably) in explaining what exactly Jaxtr is, I’ll do so now…Jaxtr is a web based service that allows people to call you or leave a Jaxtr voice mail message for you from their phone, but facilitated by the web. The phone numbers of all parties are hidden (if it is so desired) which was one of my top concerns, and is probably top 2 for most people.

The options for incoming calls are TWO. Survey says: send all calls to voice mail or send all calls to my phone. There is the fun option of “Privacy Shield” which sends all calls to Jaxtr voice mail until I “allow” those callers. Once I give a caller “allowed ” status, they will be routed directly to my phone. Callers can also be marked as “blocked” and no further calls will be received from them. So, if you all turn out to be jerks, I’ll block yo’ ass. I mean, you know, should anyone decide to call me. Sometime. Soon please. Let me test it at least guys. Whatever. Haters.

Seriously though, I have “Privacy Sheild” set to “on” so you will go directly into my voice mail. Once you call and leave a voice mail, Jaxtr provides you with a number (not my actual number) that you can use to call me anytime. The interface is super intuitive and this works really well – I did test call myself. I left a VM and then received an email alerting me of a new message. COOL!

I can see a potential downside when it comes to kids using this on MySpace and Facebook…this services uses real mobile phone minutes, so kids…be aware…talking using Jaxtr does count towards mintues in your mobile plan. Mom and Dad will NOT lurve $500 celly bill cuz you are chatting up Francois in Gay Paree…

I’ll let you know more when this gets used. AND IT SHOULD since work has now blocked my Skype. Grrr.

Also, please note…the CEO commented on my first post about Jaxtr! WOOT!

Also, note this one other thing…Touraj is now a friend on MySpace…go on and say “HI”


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