Neuros vs Apple TV

April 6, 2007 at 11:26 am 1 comment

Neuros or Apple? Apple or Neuros?

I am a little OCD and love to have stuff that matches: books in a series, fountain pens, kitchen equipment, shampoo & conditioner. With the exception of personal hygiene products, this little disorder can get rather expensive (particularly when I collect first edition books). Recently, with techie stuff, that same OCD-“need” feeling is welling up inside and I feel compelled to purchase Apple TV – you know, so my stuff matches.

However, I’ve had my eye on the Neuros OSD for quite some time. The functionality is so much more robust…linking cable (or DVD or TiVo or Satellite, etc), computer (and Internet), personal portable devices (iPods, smart phones) and home entertainment systems. Whereas Apple TV unidirectionally links iTunes and computer with an HD TV. Boring. But it matches. ARGH!

But in all honesty, I think the unidirectional linkage is SO DUMB. Well, rather, so limited. It is just another fancy (read: matching) set of handcuffs, like iTunes / iPod and the ever so coveted iPhone. I would consider Apple TVs biggest limitation its complete dependence on iTunes. With programs like Joost (pronounced juiced) arrving sur scene, it seems logical that the life-cycle of a product relies on its ability to adapt to or accept symbiotic content. So based on sheer functionality, Neuros is the clear winner. Despite the overwhelming “need” to purchase Apple TV, I am going to opt for a Neuros OSD. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Right after I get cable television.


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  • 1. JoeBorn  |  April 6, 2007 at 3:58 pm

    By all means keep us posted! We’d love to get your feedback!


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