Catching Up On Lost Time

April 14, 2007 at 9:19 am Leave a comment

Lately, as you well know, I have been Super Healthy Girl, able to leap benchpress benches in a single bound. Well, to make up for lost time out, I decided to close a bar last night. Ed and I and a very large group of friends went to our hang out for some din-din. I was just there the other day and saw Nick Lachey and one of the Nelson twins, and the time before that I saw Lyle Lovett, and about a month before that I sat next to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Well guess who I touched last night (as he passed to go to the men’s room)? Joey Joe McIntyre!!!!!!!!!! Seriously I almost died!!! I couldn’t decide if I needed to laugh out loud or just swoon. Come on now, I was a HUGE fan of NKOTB waaaay back in the day! Loved them! Sad – I know, but I’m over it, you should be too. Sure, cheesy, whatevs. But I was excited for the first time to see a celebrity. I mean, I was excited when I saw Alan Rickman in Paris sitting near me at Le Theatre Du Soleil, and John Malkovich drinking a cocktail 3 feet away at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, but this was a little bit more fun and pop culture-y.

Ok, enough name dropping. After dinner, we all decide to go to our favorite beer joint, Broadway Brewhouse. Ed had to leave, he’d been partying for many many hours and just couldn’t hang. I, on the other hand, unable to shed my Super Healthy Girl persona, was fully hydrated and ready to socialize. All the way to 3 a.m. I have not been out so late to hear the words, “LAST CALL FOR ALCOHOL!” in ages. But there we were, all just chillin’ until we were kicked out. SO FUN! I can’t wait to do it again…in 12 months. I am exhausted now and have to hit the gym. Booooo. I hope my super powers can carry me through an hours of cardio and sprints….


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