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Oy! is a site that specializes in “respects and tributes to the recently deceased” members, and links to the profiles of some of the victims of Monday’s Virginia Tech tragedy, and posts their profile photos. It first became notable due to media attention that it garnered over the practice of seeking out dead MySpace users such as Taylor Behl.

It launched in January of 2006 but did not receive national attention until March 2006. It was started by Mike Patterson from San Francisco.

Online social networks are now used for a lot more than ever anticipated.


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Social Networking and the Virginia Tech shooting Totally 80’s!

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  • 1. anonymous  |  April 30, 2007 at 10:54 am

    Although Patterson claims to have had altruistic intentions behind the creation of his website, the truth is much less flattering.

    From Willamette Week Online:
    “Patterson, however, is quite clear that he is not running a memorial site. He’s running a business and making himself famous as a purveyor of Internet taste and fandom. “I love the publicity MyDeathSpace has received,” he wrote. The site now maintains an entire forum devoted to MDS hate mail. […]”

    Clearly, the webmaster wants to make money with a sensationalist website. Before, he had a account where he listed the casualties along with a “coolness” rating for the cause of death.

    Since it’s beginnings MyDeathSpace has been a magnet for controversy.If MyDeathSpace was only an online obituary as it claims, it would be fine. But it also offers forums where members may discuss the deaths. Although the website asks that comments be respectful the forum is in fact poorly moderated and full of defamatory, disrespectful and even racist comments about the dead. Many deaths are commented on with jokes or, “what a dumb ass” and even the occasional “he/she deserved to die”.

    The members, and the site administrators relish when a family or friend of the deceased stumbles across Mydeathspace. Then it’s open season on the grieving. Many family members write in to complain and Mike Patterson and the other moderators and administrator post these letters in the Hate Mail section, so they can be derided and ridiculed by the forum community. Sometimes he will even post the email and or home address of the person complaining, opening them up to harrassment and threats from community members. It is truly disgusting.

    Another controversy involves the soliciting of nude photographs from new female members, regardless of age. There has been some question whether some of these girls are of legal age, and whether there are nude photos of underage girls posted on the MyDeathSpace website.

    NOTE FROM O-TOWN: I typically do NOT approve ‘anonymous’ comments – but I thought the commentary was interesting. I do not endorse MyDeathSpace in any way, shape or form, but do recognize its existence on the OSN landscape.

  • 2. Steve Pardee  |  July 13, 2007 at 12:42 pm

    Hello O-Town

    I am an active Sr. Member of MyDeathSpace. My username is Mortis. The comment left above has been quoted in numerous blogs, verbatim, for about a year now.

    The site has grown and evolved, rude comments are not tolerated, and family members are more than welcome.

    The joking about “noodz” is just that ….a joke. EVeryone asks everyone for them, anyone who actually spent any time there would see that. There is a T&A thread but it’s very tame and clothed.

    The VA.Tech tragedy was a bombshell for us. The major media outlets were getting information from us that night. In my opinion we have some of the best researchers on the net, and we had a partial victims list, which was released on the wire, in order, 5 minutes after we posted it.

    We research and catalog deaths in a group of people who are generally under 30. Some organizations get grants to perform the same results.

    We aren’t ghouls, or “emo kids”….I am 45 and far from the oldest. A lot of us came here for personal issues, depression, suicide, to find a loved one……… We are for the most part an empathetic group. That;’s not to say if little Johnny gets killed, while driving drunk, or huffing dustoff, there won’t be a comment on that fact. We see so many tragic deaths that when someone does something intentionally stupid we don’t comment….. BUT…so do people in the kids town, and area. We are the watercooler at the office, the barber shop on the corner.
    People have discussed death since day one and they aren’t going to stop.

    Thank you for the chance to reply. If anyone is interested…


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