Mr. Murdoch Goes To China

April 27, 2007 at 3:41 pm Leave a comment

When looking for fun on Online Social Networks, I don’t exactly look to share “pain and loneliness”. Which is exactly what Luo Chuan said, who used to run Microsoft’s MSN portal in China, when discussing MySpace China. “We want to create a site that allows people to find serious relationships and to share something with new friends,” he said, “to share pain and loneliness.” (source)


Well, kids, Mr. Rupurt Murdoch is traipsing off to China like many other leaders of hot hot Internet companies (and as he has done in the past with his vast media empire) in the hopes of taking a bite out of the 137 million Internet users in that country. So is off to China, acting as a latecomer that bets it can overcome that handicap by competing unconventionally as a start-up.

The News Corporation signed a deal to license the MySpace brand and allow local Chinese entrepreneurs who understand their market to pick and choose to build an indigenous business. Ok, but there are over 100 companies competing in this super hot space right now, including China’s home-grown Internet companies, like Baidu, Tencent, Sina ,, and other new westerners like Woyano, Ziki, Vox, Twitter, Socializr, and about a gazillion others.

Analysts say that Chinese Internet entrepreneurs have thus far outmaneuvered their Western counterparts, partly because they have a better sense of the needs of Chinese Internet users. I am glad analysts have such a firm grasp of the obvious.

I look forward to seeing how MySpace grows and changes and how competitors evolve to better compete for user bandwidth. ‘Cuz frankly, when it comes to me, I am about out! AND I certainly don’t have time to mope around and discuss pain and loneliness (but isn’t that interesting insight into the psyche of the people, their attitude and outlook, not to mention social technographics). Can we get some OSN-type prozac for these peeps, please!


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