Recovery Week

May 1, 2007 at 2:43 pm Leave a comment

I really haven’t written much about Boot basically because all of this working out is 1) boring for people who aren’t into it, 2) perfectly integrated into my life – I hardly notice it! That’s a lie. I totally notice it. Like, I am totally noticing that this week is a recovery week. WOOT!

    Look at my cardio:

Monday: Off (actually, it was supposed to be intervals, but I am swapping with Thursday)
Tuesday: 60 minute steady state, with my heart rate between 148 – 155
Wednesday: 50 minute steady state, HR above 155 (ouch!)
Thursday: Interval day! Bite me! 10′ warm up, 4×5′ @ HR above 160, 4×4′ @ HR below 144
Friday: 60 minute steady state, easy HR below 144
Saturday: 60 minute steady state, easy HR below 144
Sunday: Off – WOOT!

Really, working out with a heartrate monitor is the BEST. That way, I can say, “Hey, O-Town, you are really pushing it too hard, ease up or the last 15 minutes are gonna be murder!” Makes life so much easier. So, I’ll still be lifting every day (M – F), just not crushing myself. I think I kind of have my food under control. I try to be as consistent as possible. Seriously, 1200 calories is a LOT of food – as long as you aren’t eating garbage. I rarely feel hungry (today was an exception), and kind of get tired of eating all of the time. In fact, time for my 3:30 snack: 1/2 apple, 1/2c cottage cheese, 1 pack of oatmeal. To be perfectly frank, I am over the cottage cheese. This afternoon snack has been giving me fits for 6 weeks. I just hate eating in the afternoon.


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