So Annoying.

May 5, 2007 at 6:47 am Leave a comment

It is 7:40 a.m. I just got back from the gym. No, I didn’t work out. I wanted to, but the gym wasn’t open yet. I am annoyed. And concerned. If I am getting to the gym before it opens, does that mean I have a problem? JK. Sort of. Actually, today is Kentucky Derby day, so I’ve gots to get my fitness responsibilities taken care of so I can get my Mint Julep on! WOOT! JK again. I don’t drink brown likker. I think today is a Pimms Cup day. Or maybe just champagne.

UPDATE: 11:30 – ran 6.5 miles, did 3 sets of push-ups on bossu, hammer curls, crunches, 1-leg squats, and roman chair. 6th day this week lifting. I am officially crazy. Time to get my party on.


Entry filed under: fitness, hilarity.

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