Radio Silence…

August 14, 2007 at 3:18 pm Leave a comment

Thanks to some friends who have been very helpful in getting remotivated to blog.

L – Boot is still going strong, but I am not going to take pictures of me flexing.

K – I ate your fudge off of your desk – mea culpa! – and am now blogging about it.

J – ARGH – can’t wait until your wedding.

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

So, a lot of personal stuff has gone on this summer that isn’t really blog worthy. But as a public service announcement, I hope all of you men out there are checking your PSA score. Prostate cancer is BAD.

In other news, Google and Microsoft both think they are going to kick start the new health care revolution. Hmmm. This article sounds a little bit like what WebMD (disclaimer: where I work was just spun off from this entity) is doing, but Google appears to be adding the portability of personal info similar to the Google Documents “share” feature. I would be interested to see how HIPAA plays into this. Actually, what WebMD does is cool – an online portal with all of my health updates available for me in a dashboard-type style. “Time to see the dentist!”, or “Your EOP is available to view online!” pops up as necessary. That would be so cool to integrate that into an iGoogle type UI.

Additionally, the article notes that Microsoft powers around 90% of the personal computers in the US…so simple math would conclude that Microsoft then powers around 100% of practitioners offices. 😀 Sad, but true. So, compatibility isn’t a very serious issue.

All of this, I hope, leads to a more transparent care cycle…from physician or procedural pricing and up-front collection to claim coding to facilitated claim tracking to payer reimbursement to patient billing (please God, make doctors bill patients via the web!). At any rate, the Microsoft and Google offerings point towards the consumer, not the physician – which is key – and hope this will spur other needed industry changes like the reintroduction of the American Express HealthPay Plus card and other payment methods that are paramount in the healthcare revenue cycle.

HEY GOOGLE OR MICROSOFT! HIRE ME! I know about health care technology!!


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