How to Make Social Marketing Pillars Work in an E2.0 Environment?

September 4, 2007 at 3:42 pm Leave a comment

Until I can finish with my weekend wrap up (which included NO NCAA football, sadly), I have been thinking about something I’ve read recently. Charlene Li is an analyst with Forrester Research and I really love her blog.

She recently outlined five primary goals that companies must pursue in the social marketing world:
1. Listening – using social marketing for research and better understanding of your customer
2. Speaking – spreading messages (about your company) – perhaps as an extension of current digital marketing initiatives
3. Energizing – finding your most enthusiastic customers and using social marketing to supercharge the power of their word of mouth
4. Supporting – setting up social marketing tools to help customers support each other (obvs for companies with significant support costs)
5. Embracing – integrating customers into the way your business works, including using their help to design your products (most challenging)

I have been thinking for some time how to implement Web 2.0 platforms into the enterprise where I work – seeing as we have lots of software products and prod specs etc that could benefit from a wiki, a very dispersed employee base that could benefit from blogs and consolidated instant messaging, etc etc etc. You know, like ol’ Charlie (whose slideshow has been around the blog – I mean block).

Well, I am quite sure that implementation would have to run along this very same lines: listening, speaking, energizing, supporting and embracing. Sadly, a large business rarely thinks in those terms – with regard to their employee base – beyond the perfunctory HR sunshine. If we could harness Web2.0 for business that would be cool, but more importantly, if we could make the oldy, moldy managers 1) not fear change, 2) buy into the value, 3) ACTUALLY DO IT – we would see a big change, in my opinion of course, in work place satisfaction and productivity. It has done amazing things on the consumer side.

Now, there would have to be a goal in mind – a goal that can be measured. The enterprise’s E2.0 strategy should be designed around some primary goal, not esoteric “communication” stuff. And that would vary from company to company. What would it be where I work??


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