This is where I will be updating my progress with The Boot at Delta Fitness, starting March 19, everyday for 10 weeks. YIKES.

UPDATE WEEK ONE: ate 5 meals a day, 833 ounces (or over 28 liters) of water consumed, cardio goal of 2500 calories burned with average heart rate of 155 was exceeded (327 minutes of cardio, 2790 cals burned), weight trained 5 days. Lost: 3 pounds. Assessment: Cardio great, weekend food needs to improve. Apparently I didn’t eat enough. This was very difficult, but I am motivated.

UPDATE WEEK TWO: had difficulty with adding variety to my diet. Eating the same thing all the time was tedious. I did not spend time studying the cardio schedule and stuck with last weeks ‘steady state’ workout, which was ok and burned a lot of calories, but didn’t help me push my limits. Did a VO2 test, I am slightly below avg for my age range (me: 31.88, avg: 34.08). Cardio test replaced weight training on Wednesday. Minutes of cardio: 335. Total calories burned: 2934. Lost: 0.5 lbs. BOOOOO! Ruths Chris on Friday was not great – over did on the protein, drank wine. Also, Saturday, went out to lunch. Additionally, I blame the beer I drank on Saturday. 😦 Very disappointed.


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