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Poop Sandwich Award

1. Happy Star Wars Day – May the 4th be with you.

2. Today’s Poop Sandwich Award goes to two people who think it is terribly funny to go on a booze cruise in Baltimore, get all likkered up, and drunk dial me in the middle of the night. YO! I wake up at 4:30 AM to go to the gym! So. Not. Funny.


May 4, 2007 at 7:50 am 3 comments

Recovery Week

I really haven’t written much about Boot basically because all of this working out is 1) boring for people who aren’t into it, 2) perfectly integrated into my life – I hardly notice it! That’s a lie. I totally notice it. Like, I am totally noticing that this week is a recovery week. WOOT!

    Look at my cardio:

Monday: Off (actually, it was supposed to be intervals, but I am swapping with Thursday)
Tuesday: 60 minute steady state, with my heart rate between 148 – 155
Wednesday: 50 minute steady state, HR above 155 (ouch!)
Thursday: Interval day! Bite me! 10′ warm up, 4×5′ @ HR above 160, 4×4′ @ HR below 144
Friday: 60 minute steady state, easy HR below 144
Saturday: 60 minute steady state, easy HR below 144
Sunday: Off – WOOT!

Really, working out with a heartrate monitor is the BEST. That way, I can say, “Hey, O-Town, you are really pushing it too hard, ease up or the last 15 minutes are gonna be murder!” Makes life so much easier. So, I’ll still be lifting every day (M – F), just not crushing myself. I think I kind of have my food under control. I try to be as consistent as possible. Seriously, 1200 calories is a LOT of food – as long as you aren’t eating garbage. I rarely feel hungry (today was an exception), and kind of get tired of eating all of the time. In fact, time for my 3:30 snack: 1/2 apple, 1/2c cottage cheese, 1 pack of oatmeal. To be perfectly frank, I am over the cottage cheese. This afternoon snack has been giving me fits for 6 weeks. I just hate eating in the afternoon.

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Athlete, Thy Name Ain’t O-Town

Day #3 of the Boot couldn’t have been harder. My little chicken wings are all sore, my legs feel like lead, and I am tired. Boo-hoo, spoiled girl, working out daily with trainer, you must be saying. Sure, sure, I asked for this, but I don’t think it will turn me into an athlete. But perhaps a more athletic me would be a welcome change. 🙂
In the past 72 hours I have ingested over a pound of asparagus, a large bag of baby spinach, 1 whole green pepper, 2 nasty protein smoothies, loads of cottage cheese, 1 cantaloupe, 14 liters of water and a ton of other stuff I don’t feel like listing, it is exhausting. I’ll put my week end totals on the Boot page. But! Heart burn is gonzo! LOVES IT!
I wonder how badly this weekend’s crawfish boil will derail my best efforts this week…To be continued…

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I am in serious trubs. Met with my trainer, John, today. As the first day of Boot, we simply measured me and did an assessment. According to my “ASS-ASS”ment, I have 35% body fat. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

So, now here are things I must avoid, AT ALL COSTS:
1. fried anything (dang!)
2. pop
3. fast food – fine, don’t eat it anyway
4. alcohol – WHAT?!?
5. candy, cake, cookies
6. ice cream
7. pizza – 😦
8. chips / nachos
9. donuts / pasteries
10. flavored drinks / coffees

I don’t eat most of those things anyway, so that won’t be a hardship. The most difficult thing will be to make sure I get the appropriate quantities of protein and fiber and decrease (by A LOT) my sodium intake. Additionally, on top of 5 1-hour weight training sessions during the week, I need to pile on 1-hour of cardio 6 days a week! You know, plus whatever else I want to do like yoga or pilates or a brisk walk. [GULP!]

March 19, 2007 at 9:10 am 1 comment


Ok…a week from today I will be starting a 5-day per week training schedule at my new gym. They have been running a brilliant outdoor advert campaign for their “Boot” program…check out the website. Each week the billboard was updated with two club-goers’ progress in this extreme disciplined program. So, I’ve decided to put them AND myself to the test. One hour weight training in the a.m., one hour of cardio or cross-training in the p.m. Monday through Friday. I am sure I’ll squeak in some nordic walking at Percy Priest park or pilates at the gym on Saturday and Sunday. I wish there were a nordic walking club in Nashville. Anybody want to create one? Or I’ll create one and you all can join me! 😀
Anyway, I’ll be keeping you all updated with all kinds of boring details like all the crap that I eat, how many inches I am losing, how much pain I am in, how much weight I can (or more accurately, cannot) lift. I cannot decide if this content should have its own page, or maybe just its own tag. I’m going to use tags for now.
There will be plenty of (hilarious) pictures as well.

March 12, 2007 at 12:49 pm 2 comments

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