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Mom is on a podcast

Ok….so my MOM is on a podcast! It is true! So cool and tech-y of her, considering she isn’t very webby. Well, I can’t seem to download the video clip as a podcast yet, but you can watch the streaming video on demand.

Click here and then scroll down to “Inside Mansfield City Schools”. Click on the August 9th episode! YAY MOM!


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Summer In the Corps

Well, when I was home this weekend for my parents’ 35 wedding anniversary (YAY!), my sister told me she wants to volunteer next summer in the Peace Corps. She is a teacher at South High School in Ohio and spends 9 months out of the year helping her students. Why not help other kids the other 3 months out of the year?! I think it is a great idea and I am so proud of her!

She was a Rotary Exchange Student, like I was, but didn’t like being so far away from home for a full academic year (unlike me). So this summer program is a perfect fit! PLUS she would go some place really interesting like China. HOWEVER, since it is a summer project, she would have to pay for her flight and her accommodations. WHAT?! That is bunk. So, I’ll be setting up a blog for her to talk about her motivation and her trials and tribulations online and to collect donations by inserting a PayPal donate button on her blog. That way, family, friends, dear anonymous internet donors, can help her make a difference not only in her community but in a community on the other side of the globe.

Stay tuned – I’ll link to her blog here when we have it up and running. The hard part will be to get her to post stuff to it. LOL. I guess I had better start by donating a digital camera to her cause!

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