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Facebook = Wastebook

Did you know that the fastest growing Facebook demographic are individuals older than age 25?
Did you know that the average amount of time a person spends on Facebook is 20 minutes?
I am older than that and (sadly!) spend more time on it than that. OMG! What is my world becoming? In all seriousness, I was just wondering why no one had poked me or messaged me in like 12 hours. SAD SAD SAD.
New goal: stop screwing around on that stupid thing and put more effort into my personal goals – like figuring out Twitter, reading more non-fiction, career, etc. JEEZ!


September 6, 2007 at 8:23 am 1 comment

Y! vs. G

I couldn’t believe my eyes – bleary as they were – when I read the Wall Street Journal this morning at the gym. Some crazy individual was saying Yahoo! Mail, finally out of beta, crushes Google’s Gmail application. “What?! Stop smokin crack, home slice!”, is precisely what I thought as I carried the B section out to my car. GMail is da bomb! I love the IMing from the app (not to be followed by the corporate gestapo, thank you very little), I love the quasi-tagging capabilities, (improvements need to be made here, admittedly), and plus it has super-human spam blocking. This reviewer obvs was cornfused, I chortled, as I sipped my Starbucks and drove home.

[side bar: don’t do core exercises the day of a move, my abs were KILLING me today and also don’t even bother doing legs the day after a move. I could barely move 70 lbs on the leg press this a.m. Weak.]

I avidly read the article and was DYING to see what all this Yahoo! Mail buzz was all about. Finally after what felt like endless meetings this morning, I logged on to Yahoo! and I’ll tell you what, I think I might migrate to Yahoo! which has always always been my junk receptacle. In the spirit of full disclosure, like many who have a full blown love affair with the Internets and all things webby, I have at least one email account with every major webmail carrier and have never really been able to choose my favorite since they all had such disparate functionality and dicey UIs. No more. I think I am freakin in loooooove with Yahoo! Mail. Frealz! It isn’t slow and jumpy like the new hotmail, it has better funx than GMail, Outlook web access is ridonkulously bad…so I can’t even compare that…I haven’t logged on to my account in like 100 years – perhaps they’ve closed it for me – so I don’t know about that one.

My dear readers, if you haven’t already, please go check your Yahoo! Mail – and (gulp!) I take back all the nasty things I’ve said over the years about Yahoo being behind the 8-ball. I was so wrong. This so totally ups the ante for the next GMail release (who has been in beta since 2004).

August 30, 2007 at 11:30 am 2 comments

Pile of Poo

Hilariousness! When coming to my blog people have used this popular search term today: “Pile of Poo” or “healthcare pile of poo”…Inneresting…

Cambo Speaking of, my cousin (left) taught me how to play a funny game: Poodolla, or Poo Dolla. This is how you play:

Take a dollar bill (this is of course a hypothetical game because it is a felony to ruin American money) and put poo (yours, a dog’s, whatever, it doesn’t matter) on the back side. Place the dollar poo-side down on a side walk. Hide. Watch when people pick up the poo dolla. Try not to give away hiding place by laughing too loudly.

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Mom is on a podcast

Ok….so my MOM is on a podcast! It is true! So cool and tech-y of her, considering she isn’t very webby. Well, I can’t seem to download the video clip as a podcast yet, but you can watch the streaming video on demand.

Click here and then scroll down to “Inside Mansfield City Schools”. Click on the August 9th episode! YAY MOM!

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Summer In the Corps

Well, when I was home this weekend for my parents’ 35 wedding anniversary (YAY!), my sister told me she wants to volunteer next summer in the Peace Corps. She is a teacher at South High School in Ohio and spends 9 months out of the year helping her students. Why not help other kids the other 3 months out of the year?! I think it is a great idea and I am so proud of her!

She was a Rotary Exchange Student, like I was, but didn’t like being so far away from home for a full academic year (unlike me). So this summer program is a perfect fit! PLUS she would go some place really interesting like China. HOWEVER, since it is a summer project, she would have to pay for her flight and her accommodations. WHAT?! That is bunk. So, I’ll be setting up a blog for her to talk about her motivation and her trials and tribulations online and to collect donations by inserting a PayPal donate button on her blog. That way, family, friends, dear anonymous internet donors, can help her make a difference not only in her community but in a community on the other side of the globe.

Stay tuned – I’ll link to her blog here when we have it up and running. The hard part will be to get her to post stuff to it. LOL. I guess I had better start by donating a digital camera to her cause!

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Mr. Murdoch Goes To China

When looking for fun on Online Social Networks, I don’t exactly look to share “pain and loneliness”. Which is exactly what Luo Chuan said, who used to run Microsoft’s MSN portal in China, when discussing MySpace China. “We want to create a site that allows people to find serious relationships and to share something with new friends,” he said, “to share pain and loneliness.” (source)


Well, kids, Mr. Rupurt Murdoch is traipsing off to China like many other leaders of hot hot Internet companies (and as he has done in the past with his vast media empire) in the hopes of taking a bite out of the 137 million Internet users in that country. So is off to China, acting as a latecomer that bets it can overcome that handicap by competing unconventionally as a start-up.

The News Corporation signed a deal to license the MySpace brand and allow local Chinese entrepreneurs who understand their market to pick and choose to build an indigenous business. Ok, but there are over 100 companies competing in this super hot space right now, including China’s home-grown Internet companies, like Baidu, Tencent, Sina ,, and other new westerners like Woyano, Ziki, Vox, Twitter, Socializr, and about a gazillion others.

Analysts say that Chinese Internet entrepreneurs have thus far outmaneuvered their Western counterparts, partly because they have a better sense of the needs of Chinese Internet users. I am glad analysts have such a firm grasp of the obvious.

I look forward to seeing how MySpace grows and changes and how competitors evolve to better compete for user bandwidth. ‘Cuz frankly, when it comes to me, I am about out! AND I certainly don’t have time to mope around and discuss pain and loneliness (but isn’t that interesting insight into the psyche of the people, their attitude and outlook, not to mention social technographics). Can we get some OSN-type prozac for these peeps, please!

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Where’s the Beef?!

OH THE HORROR!!! Wendy‘s has closed the first Wendy’s ever opened! Dave Thomas is rolling over in his GRAVE! Earlier this year Wendy’s closed the first store Dave Thomas opened in Columbus, Ohio, in 1969. Now the No. 3 burger chain is considering selling the chain entirely as net income fell 71% in the first quarter. DAYUM!


Sure, downtown Columbus is a total dump, sure no one goes to City Center Mall, but dang, y’all! Why you gotta go closin’ down the first ever Wendy’s?!This is the worst possible news (you know, besides all that Iraq war stuff)! I love Wendy’s! I love dipping their french fries into my frosty. Shoot, I remember when they had those crazy beads for curtains. I looooove their food and passionately HAAAAATE McDonalds. I don’t think the answer to winning hearts and minds (let alone profitability) lies in selling out. They need to embrace a cause, be it corporate social responsibility, global diabetes awareness (just a thought!), childhood fitness – something! But a sellout? That’s for weak, reactionary bitches. Buck up and get a strategy. PS: that little purchase of Baja Fresh was kinda off message and reactionary to McD’s Chipotle success. Not super helpful.

Here’s to Dave T…and knowing how to make delicious fast food that is the best in the industry. PLEASE don’t loose the #3 spot to Hardee’s. WTF?!?!? (Now there’s a turn-around for ya…)

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