Facebook = Wastebook

Did you know that the fastest growing Facebook demographic are individuals older than age 25?
Did you know that the average amount of time a person spends on Facebook is 20 minutes?
I am older than that and (sadly!) spend more time on it than that. OMG! What is my world becoming? In all seriousness, I was just wondering why no one had poked me or messaged me in like 12 hours. SAD SAD SAD.
New goal: stop screwing around on that stupid thing and put more effort into my personal goals – like figuring out Twitter, reading more non-fiction, career, etc. JEEZ!


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AdBlock Plus: I seriously heart you!

I just found a new lover – who cares about me and my time and what I do.

I just downloaded AdBlock Plus have fallen instantly in love. Deep, lasting, sincere love. No more whack-a-mole ads on yahoo, no more slow loading blurbs on Perez Hilton, the New York Times and New York Post open scorchingly fast.

I love you, my hero, my AdBlock.

Ironic isn’t it that this open-source, virally spread mini-program is shockingly Web 3.0…as described by the big GOOGs head cheese?

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I have been meaning to post this very interesting blurb from the GOOG…Web 2.0 vs. Web 3.0…actually sounds more like Web 2.5, you know, widgets and all that. Not sure if this is pure “next level”, but rather “next step”.

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Wedding Weekend

Charleston is a lovely city. How it has been that I’ve only just visited is beyond my comprehension. I spent this holiday weekend celebrating with my friends and approving of their matrimony 😉 in a truly wonderful city.

The drive is a bit long, but has inspired me to do more weekend trips throughout the fall – outside of my requisite quarterly trip to Ohio and Las Vegas. Man, another Vegas trip is looming in the very near future. Have I mentioned that I am kinda over Las Vegas?

Driving through the Tennessee / North Carolina Smokey Mountains was beautiful and I am planning a trip to Ashville, North Carolina for October to enjoy the fall foliage. However, this weekend the mountains were green and lush and Smokey! And by that I mean foggy and misty. Traversing South Carolina isn’t as picturesque until you get closer to the coast. Palm trees and pine trees co-mingle along the highway. The wedding took place in a suburb of Charleston, Mt. Pleasant – closer to the beach near Ilse of Palms. Very golf-y and vacation-y. But Charleston proper seemed like a British version of New Orleans (who’s French and Spanish heritage is heavily evident).

Some highlights:

Old South Carriage Company
buggy tours. Did this on Saturday, before the evening wedding. We had an awesome tour guide, Becky, who had lots of interesting stories – see my flickr for deets. One of my favorite stories revolved around the Old City jail and how haunted it is. I also like the explanation for the porch ceilings that are painted blue: keeps ghosts away (because it looks like daylight blue skies) and keeps wasps from building nests (don’t know why), but I’ll be damned, every dang porch has a blue ceiling.

Magnolia’s Restaurant
Ate here for lunch on Saturday. I should have gotten the shrimp and grits, if for no other reason to compare it to my own, but instead I got the Low-country Bouillabaisse. YUMMO! The crab bisque I tasted was good, but more like a crab chowder. Hey! I am NOT complaining. The Parmesan crusted flounder was also quite delicious. Go here if you get a chance. The atmosphere is great and East Bay Street is lined with the cutest shops and restaurants. I could have spent a lot more time strolling in this neighborhood. I’ll go back to Magnolias!

Palmetto Cafe
in the Charleston Place hotel. Lovely hotel restaurant. Not as nice as the Charleston Grill, which is also at this hotel, but nice just the same. The brunch menu is killer. I ate there twice! Once had she crab soup and crab cakes, both amazing, and a egg white / lobster / crab omlette another day. HEAVENLY!

Charleston Black Cab Company
. They are based at the Charleston Place hotel and while pricey, they are a very stylish way to get around town. Imported London cabs (minus the charming cabbies) look very cool on the old fashioned streets of downtown Charleston. Used CBCC to go to dinner and back – super timely and just so roomy! Loved them.

. I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe high-end Micheal Mina type seafood, but what I got was a delicious crab shack. Clearly, I over dressed. This place was super duper casual. They specialize in seafood and low country fare, as well as rum drinks. Charleston after all WAS a pirate port, similar to Savannah and New Orleans. I tried a “Dark and Stormy” – which was dark rum, ginger beer, lemon and lime. Yum – glad I only had one. Started with crab dip – very thick and rich, served with sour dough bread…not awesome – the crab was shelly and I think water crackers or something besides heavy bread would have been a better accoutrement. Then had fried green tomatoes, a favorite of mine, but these were slightly disappointing. The batter wasn’t a cornmeal dusting that I prefer, but rather a thicker, flakier batter. So, there must be two schools of thought when frying green tomatoes: cornmeal vs flour for the batter. Which is to say, someone else might really prefer fried green tomatoes THIS way. The tomatoes themselves where perfectly green and tart. YUM. Then had a delicious lobster ceviche. Delicious. Really. But not what I should have ordered. I ought to have gone whole hog and got some large ridonkulous fish dish. Don’t bother watching what you eat there – you’ll be disappointed and end up wishing you ordered what your friends did.

Part II coming up…stay tuned…

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How to Make Social Marketing Pillars Work in an E2.0 Environment?

Until I can finish with my weekend wrap up (which included NO NCAA football, sadly), I have been thinking about something I’ve read recently. Charlene Li is an analyst with Forrester Research and I really love her blog.

She recently outlined five primary goals that companies must pursue in the social marketing world:
1. Listening – using social marketing for research and better understanding of your customer
2. Speaking – spreading messages (about your company) – perhaps as an extension of current digital marketing initiatives
3. Energizing – finding your most enthusiastic customers and using social marketing to supercharge the power of their word of mouth
4. Supporting – setting up social marketing tools to help customers support each other (obvs for companies with significant support costs)
5. Embracing – integrating customers into the way your business works, including using their help to design your products (most challenging)

I have been thinking for some time how to implement Web 2.0 platforms into the enterprise where I work – seeing as we have lots of software products and prod specs etc that could benefit from a wiki, a very dispersed employee base that could benefit from blogs and consolidated instant messaging, etc etc etc. You know, like ol’ Charlie (whose slideshow has been around the blog – I mean block).

Well, I am quite sure that implementation would have to run along this very same lines: listening, speaking, energizing, supporting and embracing. Sadly, a large business rarely thinks in those terms – with regard to their employee base – beyond the perfunctory HR sunshine. If we could harness Web2.0 for business that would be cool, but more importantly, if we could make the oldy, moldy managers 1) not fear change, 2) buy into the value, 3) ACTUALLY DO IT – we would see a big change, in my opinion of course, in work place satisfaction and productivity. It has done amazing things on the consumer side.

Now, there would have to be a goal in mind – a goal that can be measured. The enterprise’s E2.0 strategy should be designed around some primary goal, not esoteric “communication” stuff. And that would vary from company to company. What would it be where I work??

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Wedding Highlight

Here is my good friend Jen throwing her bouquet…and her friends fighting over it. HILARIOUS American tradition.

I wish the lighting had been better. Oh well – as soon as I upgrade my personal computer, I’ll be getting a video camera. You know, just so I have one more thing to schlep around on my travels. 😀

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Umm, cute.

Nothing says good taste and prestige like a diamond encrusted skull.
Elegant, refined, just shy of terrifying…

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